“Shapewear, Not Surgery! Body Positivity Today” Program

The Assertive Kids Foundation’s Shapewear Not Surgery! Body Positivity Today™ program is dedicated to providing an alternative for women considering body modification surgery.  Shapewear allows a woman to slowly, and healthily, find their way to an appearance they’re more comfortable with, while presenting a physical form that is more akin to their end goal.

With time, change can, and does,  happen. Exercise, from walking to weights, stretching and Hatha yoga, and alterations in overall daily levels of activity can yield incredible results over time. And, so can finding effective strategies to deal with stress.

Therefore, Assertive Kids is providing Staten Island women with shapewear  gift bags from popular brands like Spanx and Maidenform. There is also literature we provide about nutrition basics, exercise, and emotional well being. Please call us at 877-235-3319 to receive a free gift bag.

Goodbye Fad Diets

Dieting is a fad. It’s not healthy, nor do extreme diets help in the long term. It’s more important to learn about nutrition, and how different foods affect us, both how we feel and the way we look. Developing a healthy way of feeling and thinking about food is key. Relating to food as nutrition and sustenance, as well as setting goals and making choices is also worth mentioning.


Humans Are NOT Identical Clones

Of course, every body is different! In fact, that should be our source of strength, as we can all learn from one another’s unique life experience. This is not a trite statement; listening to one another’s story is imperative to becoming a person who can affect positive change in our shared world.

There is no one “ideal” size or shape!  We’re all different, with different reasons for our very differences, in many instances. Body Positivity is crucial every step of the way. In the end, women should be seeking to establish a healthier lifestyle, rather than paying undue concern to society’s demands and bodily expectations, or internalization of same. Accepting yourself, where you are today, is essential. If there are aspects you’d like to change about any area of your life, that’s fine, too. That’s how people grow!

Love and accept  yourself today, where you are now! If you are a larger woman, know that you can live healthily, despite the many voices in the public square suggesting otherwise.

Really, a woman doesn’t ever need surgeries to feel validated, but neither would she require shapewear. Accepting your size and shape means accepting your past and present. Even so, it’s every woman’s right to seek to look more like how she envisions herself in her mind.


Avoiding Surgery

Surgery is not without its risks, even with a skilled surgeon and attentive hospital staff. Our position is that any unnecessary major surgery that might be avoided, should. Of course, a person’s mental and emotional health are important, however there are other approaches besides seeking the help of a surgeon to deal with these serious issues that a woman’s current body image may provoke.

Shapewear can provide immediate body affirmation to a woman, without risk. If you’re not familiar, shapewear helps to sculpt the body’s appearance, worn discreetly under an outfit. It’s not noticeable and can provide the appearance a woman is seeking, immediately.

This program is working to raise awareness among women that there is a viable alternative to body modification surgery. This is being accomplished via social media, blogs, and articles Assertive Kids is posting on the ‘net.

Why do we feel this is important?

Again, surgery is not without its risks, and cosmetic surgeries do not always deliver results as anticipated, yet such results are final. Of course, it’s good to consider alternatives before taking such risks and making permanent life-altering changes.


Here’s an interesting article that addresses Postpartum Reconstructive Surgery and shapewear, specifically.