IRS Filings and Data

The following is a PDF of our latest Form 990EZ, filed with the IRS. Please see below for additional data collected on the program’s impact for the current fiscal year.

Assertive Kids Foundation’s latest Form 990EZ, for Fiscal Year 2021

Assertive Kids Foundation Form 990EZ for Fiscal Year 2020
On the Form 990EZ, on pages 16 and 17, the impact of the Assertive Kids Foundation’s Children’s Clothing Drive initiative were discussed in detail.

In Fiscal Year 2020, thus far, the following impact for the community was accomplished:

An additional 70 children were helped, plus 5,000 members of a Native American tribe in New Jersey, about 1,000 members of a local church that operates a “dress for success” program, and about 500 members of a small church in Mariners Harbor.

Of the individual children noted above, 39 or 55% were Black, 13 or 19% were Hispanic, 17 or 24% were White, 1 or .1% was Asian. The members of both churches are mostly Black and Hispanic, and the Native American tribe members are Native American.