The Assertive Kids Foundation always welcomes help. All of your aid is tax-deductible.

You can help in the following ways:

-Our Donation Button: On this site, use our Donate button located on every page. Specify the amount and click to send. Simplest way to help.

-Cheques and Money Orders: Your donations are fully tax-deductible, as we are a registered 501(C)(3) charity. You can specify which program(s) you want your donation to be applied to, such as the Kids Clothing Drive, or let us use apply toward our general fund.

-Grants: If you are affiliated with a foundation, please consider supporting our cause. Like an individual donation of funds, this can be directed at a specific program, earmarked for a particular program that you want to support, or could go toward  our general fund.

-Amazon Smile: Amazon will donate every time you purchase. It’s at zero cost to you, the buyer. Shop at, and select Assertive Kids Foundation as the organization you’re supporting. Or, if you use the app, update your app, then go to settings >> Amazon Smile and search for our foundation and set it as your supported charity.

-PayPal Giving Fund: This is another way you can give.

-Ebay: When you sell anything on Ebay, you can choose to support us. This will take a portion of your sale proceeds that you pre-select and direct it to us.

-Buy Some Chocolate: Our web site that you’re presently on will be selling chocolate. Connoisseur vegan chocolate for choco-holics! This page is coming soon! You can buy online and the chocolate will arrive in the mail.

-Buy an Assertive Kids Tee Shirt: This web site will also be selling these.  To see what they look like, go here:

-Donate Clothing: Clothing in good condition, free of tears and stains or missing buttons or broken zippers. Especially looking for children’s warm coats, but any kids’ clothing, and even clothes for men and women, is welcome. We will come to your NYC or NJ location for pick-up.

-Go Fund Me: We have a Go Fund Me campaign running right now. Check out the link at:

-In-Kind Donations: In-kind donations from interested parties are always welcome, and are tax deductible for the fair market value of the items. Some of the in-kind donations we are requesting from members are the following:

Paper and other office supplies, such as pens, paper clips, new packages of paper (multi- or all-purpose is the best).

A good quality laptop by any of the following brands: Asus, Acer, HP
In order to be helpful to the organization, the laptop should have a minimum RAM of 8GB and have a minimum speed of 2.00 GHz.

Your Time and Energy: This could be in the form of calling for donations, distributing business cards, going out and getting orders for chocolate (we deliver and collect the fees, you just get the names and addresses and what the people want), and helping out with our various initiatives.

Please contact us via phone at 877-235-3319 or email to offer your in-kind donations. Our email address is [email protected] Donations are welcome from private individuals, as well as businesses and other nonprofits.