What is Assertive Kids All About? Isn’t Being Aggressive Really Bad?

Bullying sucks.
Bullying sucks.

We formed Assertive Kids two years ago  to help teach people of all ages how to be assertive.  Assertiveness is nothing like aggressiveness, or passivity, for that matter; rather it’s all about kindly, but respectfully preserving our own boundaries, as well as the boundaries of those we interact with.

We don’t subscribe to “ageist” ideas, and so one of our aims is to fight

Elderly Gentleman Marathon Finisher Vancouver USA Marathon - June 17, 2012 - Pre-race This elderly gentleman evidently has finished marathons in all fifty states - eight times! And he is still at it.
“Elderly Gentleman Marathon Finisher”
Vancouver USA Marathon – June 17, 2012 – Pre-race
This elderly gentleman evidently has finished marathons in all fifty states – eight times! And he is still at it.

ageism. If you want to jog at ninety, more power to you! Get a college degree at eighty-eight? Great! Some of our programs will aim to fight ageism.

As lifelong learners, we should never ossify. And so, this foundation is meant to serve populations of all ages to be more assertive in dealing with their life circumstances, not just kids and adolescents, both groups that will be among our target audience, but not exclusively the focus of our campaign.

We are not a political or religiously-affiliated organization. Our personal politics and faith are of no issue; that’s not what helping our fellow Americans is about, anyway!

We do enforce every American’s right to have an opinion and viewpoint, as well as choice of worshiping the Creator in what ways they choose, or to not do so at all. Being assertive means keeping these ideals as the highest priorities for oneself as well as others.

Our ethnicity, race, culture, gender, and the ways in which we choose to express ourselves, make us each unique Americans with a cool story to share; we can all learn from one another, black, white, or brown, young or old. Our diversity can be a source of strife, or a source of power. It’s up to us to choose consciously.

So what, precisely, will we be doing in 2019? For starters, we are trying to serve homeless people with lifesaving basics. These include bottled water, clean socks, bar soap and wash cloths, space blankets for warmth, protein energy bars, and hand-warming instant Heat Packs. We’re not going to change reality, but we can help ease suffering one person at a time, at least for today.

Did you know that many of our Nation’s homeless are actually Veterans of the Armed Forces who served dutifully and were honorably discharged? And that many more are children who’ve outgrown the social services programs, group homes, and foster care that served them when they were younger?

It’s true. The vulnerable homeless population are not “bums” but rather real people with unique stories, often involving hardship, sometimes even sacrifices for Our Country.

Sleeping Homeless Man by wonderferret
Helping the homeless is one of our key aims.
image credit: wonderferret

Everything we do shall be carefully documented and photographed, so donors can see the results of their contributions at work. This isn’t so anyone can feel good about their donation; rather, it’s to ensure that we’re really doing the work we say we are going to do.

This differs in practice from many other such nonprofits; we seek 100% transparency. We aim to make a lot with a little.™  We don’t believe in waste,  and so we’re used to conserving our resources.

Flowers Make the World Brighter.
Flowers Make the World Brighter.

We will also offer programs for kids and adults to help clean up and beautify their shared surroundings, helping neighborhoods to form “Assertiveness Teams” to move through an area cleaning up rubbish and planting colorful flowers. Flower and vegetable seeds and plants will be provided for area residents, so that block by block, urban areas, and really any type of community,  can get a fresh start next Spring. Flowers bring life to an area, making everyone feel better as they pass by.

For children, adolescents, and young adults in college, we plan to offer Assertiveness Workshops at schools and universities, drawing on our five years of personal training as a peer tutor at CUNY. Role playing, discussions, live Internet, and more, will help kids of all ages learn that assertiveness begins with knowing that standing up for what is right is always the only choice.

College Workshops Bring Assertiveness Learning.
College Workshops Bring Assertiveness Learning.

Whether it means seeking help from a teacher or standing up to bullies harassing a peer, or even standing up to their own bullies, kids learn that no one has to be a victim. Assertive kids know their rights as Americans and human beings, and aim to enforce those rights for all.

We seek to empower kids through teaching that constructive activity, goals, and an unceasing eye for respecting everyone’s boundaries is the only way to keep America vital and safe for all people, and keep kids feeling strong, out of the path of bullies, predators, and sociopaths of all kinds.

Americans Of All Backgrounds Come Together For The 4th Of July
Americans Of All Backgrounds Come Together For The 4th Of July

We also feel that America should never stop being a melting pot, and that each of our cultural backgrounds is a source of vital strength. So, preserving our cultural heritage is essential. Part of that heritage is our values, perhaps faith, ways of eating, and language.

We would like to help aid communities in setting up programs to teach kids about culture and heritage, as well as teach the tongue of their ancestors.  Black kids could learn Swahili, free of charge. Secular Jewish kids can learn Hebrew, also without cost.

Spanish kids could learn…you guessed wrong, I bet! They can learn French. lol If you’re already preserving your culture; great! We can all learn about one another’s culture, too, if we already speak the language of our roots.

We won’t stop there. We’re also dedicated to helping fund programs for


pregnant women, and ways to help them deal with pregnancy better, as well as recovering addicts making the difficult choice of staying away from opiates, that will support research into simple, cost-effective non-drug alternative health modalities that have been proven in clinical studies to have potential for benefit.

This may also include data analysis of epi-genetic changes that come about during and after treatment. Studies concerning learning, attention, and alternative health

Hypodermic Syringe Delivers Death For Addicted People.
Hypodermic Syringe Delivers Death For Addicted People. image Credit:ZalyIm

modalities such as Therapeutic Massage are also in the works.

We are also interested in helping to popularize studies by researchers and doctors at well-known US universities presenting  alternative conclusions regarding popular health topics, like for instance, how the FDA has approved health claims regarding selenium and breast cancer. This was studied and proven. Did the nightly news tell you, though?

Spreading awareness about vital research conducted on complementary medicine modalities, as well as scientific, quantified analysis of popular allopathic medicine, and how it is not always the sure-fire, risk-free choice we would like to believe it is, helps every American to have access to important facts, not fluff.

DNA Double Helix
DNA Double Helix

Many, including health care professionals, may not be aware that present research proves there are many cost-effective options with real, statistically-significant benefits and little to no risk.  Such ideas are  contested and maligned over and over, however, we aim to rely on research only.

This is a broad range of activities, to be sure, and if you would like us to keep you updated on what we’re presently doing to  focus on anything within our sphere of activity, please let us know.

We are 100% funded from your donations, and will be doing as much as possible to collect sufficient funds to make Assertive Kids a viable partner in helping our people to feel good about being their best, and being Americans in the True Spirit of the word. Thank you, kindly! D.

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